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The Mid Island Forest Operation is located on eastern Vancouver Island near the communities of Campbell River and Sayward and represents one of four forest operations. The location, area and proximity to major communities are shown on the Defined Forest Area (DFA) Map

Mid Island Operations consist of road building, harvesting, hauling, maintenance, shops, dryland sorting and administrative offices.

The 20 Year Plan Harvest Map developed for January 2014, shows updated roads and harvest plans.

Defined Forest Area

Mid Island Forest Operations manage a total of 157,500 hectares of crown forest land managed under TFL 39, Block 2. 85% of the TFL is considered productive forest land.

Employees and the Community

During 2007, Mid Island Forest Operations employed 310 full time equivalent employees. This included staff, union, contract and consultants responsible for, but not limited to, the logging operation, silviculture, administrative and engineering projects.

Most employees live in Campbell River or Sayward. The local economy is reliant upon forestry, mining, fishing and tourism.

Product and Markets

The Mid Island Operations product mix is 62% hemlock and balsam, 15% cedar, 6% yellow cedar and 17% Douglas fir. Of this, 20% is pulp, 41% is gang, 26% is merchantable, 5% is lumber and 8% is utility grades.

Logs are distributed by the log supply division for sale and transport to Western Forest Products Inc. sawmills and purchasers.